Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Teaching a man to Fish

As someone who likes to contribute to user forums and mailing lists, when I provide a solution, I generally avoid including the code. I might include the Pseudo-code, or suggest how one might code it, but I try to stop just short of the actual code. Why? Becuase I believe that if we just go around posting code snippets everywhere, we will encourage bad coding practices and enable people to import snippets into their programs without even thinking about the ramifications to the system.

By making Joe/Jane Forum Poster devise the code out of a concept, he or she is able to write code that best suits their needs, without importing someone's half-assed attempt at solving a problem that they have limited knowledge of.

I am also limiting my liability of course, as most of the time the code I post - while it will work - isn't necessarily the cleanest, most efficient or safest code - but is really there by example.

This of course, is different from my articles, because I need to write the code to illustrate the concept. The biggest difference there however, is in that I choose the topics, and then Joe or Jane can apply it to their own code needs.

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