Monday, March 28, 2005

Having fun with the Google APIs

A while back, I downloaded Google's APIs. Essentially they will provide access to their search database for those who want to try experimenting with their site and search tools.

Among the many ideas that I toyed with was the opportunity to find the rank of a specific site for a given keyword. In other words, let's say I sold Widgets - it would be pretty useful to find out on what page in Google's results my site is on when I search for the term Widgets.

So using the google apis, I managed to develop a tool that does just that. It simply iterates through the search results and tells you what number page your result shows up on.

Of course, the Google apis are limited to 1000 hits a day, which can get used up very fast. Instead, I am currently revamping this to search Google, Yahoo, MSN, and A9 without having to use the APIs. When I finish, I will be more than glad to post the code.

Another thing that I think will be useful - coming up with a unique enough term that will almost guarantee that your site will be found when looking for it. When I figure that one out, I will change my blog name, and then let you know :)

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