Thursday, February 05, 2004

Why I love VoIP

Last June, I lost my phone and DSL service for two weeks due to a cable short that occured during a massive thunderstorm. I quickly came to the realization that we couldn't go without a phone in the house (a not just a cell phone, for various reasons), nor without broadband as well (my wife works from home one day a week, and I do on ocassion). So, we switched to a cable modem, and I went out and signed up with Vonage. My logic was if the phone went out, I would still have broadband and my VoIP phone; if the cable went out, I would still have phone service, and be able to use it for dial-up Internet access in a pinch.

Recently we switched our POTS (Plain Ol' Telephone Service) to an all-inclusive package with unlimited calling within the US and Canada. My wife wanted me to cut off our Vonage line, but I was hesitant, and it paid off.

Wed. Night, our phone went out of commission for several hours. I immediately reported the problem to the folks at IDT and they were able to route my home phone to my Vonage line - it was as if my phone never went out of service!

I think we'll keep the vonage phone. At about $17/mo. it is a good insurance policy.

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