Thursday, February 12, 2004

$15,000 for a cell phone anyone?

I like watches, I have a few - I particularly like those from Skagen of Denmark. I am also fully aware that there are 'upscale' watches that cost several thousand dollars - but let's face it, the likelihood of me being a Patek Phillipe is virtually non-existant.

Still, I recognize the fact that there are those fortunate individuals that have the ability and desire to 'take care of a Patek for the next generation'. I guess that is what Vertu was thinking. They have cellphones that cost between $5-$20,000! For that money I could buy a cell phone, a car charger, and the car to charge it with!.

My only question is given the abuse that my cell phone goes through, I can't imagine how nasty my Sterling Silver one would look after some usage!

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