Thursday, September 11, 2003

iPaq 4100

I know that this has been around for a while, but I finally stumbled across information about the ipaq 4100 series PocketPC. It seems like a very cool concept. It looks like a version of a miniaturized Tablet PC. The unit folds completely closed, but can be opened up in two stages. The first lets you flip the PDA style screen to the front, and used with the stylus, it works just like a traditional 'vertical' pda, not at all unlike the current 3xxx, 5xxx and 19xx series ipaqs. The second stage however, let's you flip out the back panel into a full-sized keyboard. This also requires you to flip the screen so that it is in landscape mode. This looks more like a traditional mini-laptop or similar to HP's old Handheld PCs (a la the Jornada 700 series). I know this may be hard to visualize, but I found this 'supposedly' legit HP flash presentation on an Italian WebSite -

Hmm.. my 30th birthday is coming up next year, and I think that is when the Warranty on my current iPaq runs out.

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