Thursday, August 14, 2003

FileSwapping - A Step Towards Peace?

The classic entrepreneur is someone with both a vision of a product that is the next big thing, and the passion and ability to see it through. As file-swapping services like Napster and Kazaa have taken a beating from the RIAA and others, and enterprising Palestinian came up with a great idea - why not create File-swapping network in a terrority that doesn't have strict international copyright laws? Knowing that the Jenin refugee camp is within Palestinian Authority controlled areas, and knowing that the PA probably doesn't have the resources to stop him even if they laws against what he was doing, Nas Kabir has done just that. Check out this C|net article.

I am personally for it - maybe if more Palestinian teenagers had access to computers and access to Kabir's earthstation5, they would spend more time swapping the latest pop hits from the us and europe and not as much time blowing up buses in Israel.

This also underscores another interesting concept - this company was made possible by investment from Russian, Turkish, and Israeli interests. Whether there will be a Palestinian state or not, the only way to truly end the violence and create peace, is to give the Palestinians an independant economy. There needs to be a way to lure other businesses to build up the palestinian economy and begin them on a road to self-sustenance. That is how Israel became one of the world's most developed nations in just over 50 years.

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