Monday, October 16, 2006

Still wish I had one...

The iPod is just about 5 years old, and I, of all people, still don't have one. Personally, at the moment I have conjured up a 100 reasons to justify me buying one, but none of which pass the Spouse/Sleep test (i.e. if I buy one without spousal approval, will I still be able to sleep in my own bed).  The irony here is that an iPod isn't just about playing music. Firstly there is Podcasting. Podcasting is great. Not only can you get Music and video podcasts, but you can also get all kinds of Radio and Learning programs on the Podcast. For example, you can subscribe to a PodCast to help you learn the Talmud or even download MP3 and other files to help with your workout. Speaking of workouts, in addition to giving you the inspiration and motivational music you need to keep going, the iPod can also track your workout . Finally, what is a good ipod without accessories? That's why you need to buy a good jacket with iPod controls.

I just hope someone is kind enough to get me one :)

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