Tuesday, October 19, 2004

More iPod buzz

So there are a lot of semi-rumors afloat that Apple will be coming out with other versions of its iPod, including a special 'black' U2 edition. I didn't get the Rio Carbon I wanted for my birthday, and it would be nice to get one of these, but when would I use it?

Generally I read the paper on my commute, and I also use the time to catch up with my wife. When I sit at my desk, I can play the music off of my computer, and Generally, at home, I play my music on CDs. The only real use I can see for an iPod is keeping my kids music all in one place, and playing it over the stereo in the car.

Yet, still - I think that it would be cool to have one, and I would find ways to use it if I did

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