Wednesday, August 04, 2004

What can't you put a picture on?

Although I have a photo printer and do print a lot of my own digital pics, I also use two photo services to share those pics with friends. Ocassionally, I will also buy photo gifts for friends and family. So far, I bought Photo Books with the boys pictures for Mother's day, and Photo Mugs as a presents for my Wife and my Mom. Needless to say, they were very appreciated (so much so, that my wife has asked me to make a couple of Mugs for her parents anniversary).

There are a whole myriad of products you can stick a digital picture on - the aofrementioned mugs and photobooks, t-shirts, calendars, playing cards (the photo is on the backs of the cards), puzzles, baseballs, and more. But this week two of the companies I use for these gifts each came out with some bizzare gifts:

- Snapfish - - now let's you put a picture on a postage stamp! Of course, there is a premium, a $0.37 postage stamp will cost you $1. Check out

- Sony's Imagestation- - let's you create leather bags with a picture on it. The bags run between $180-200!!!

What will they think of next? :)

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