Thursday, June 10, 2004

My ideal pc

I look at the proliferation of highly-portable, harddrive based MP3 players and small but powerful handheld computers. The average pocketPC now has a 400MHz processor - roughly the processing power of the desktop computers of 3 years ago. As functional as a laptop is, I wonder if the ever-increasing miniturization of these devices is going to bring back the concept of the "Brick" computer. I am referring to the Ergo brick, which if memory serves was a miniaturized PC with a small form factor that, although it didn't have its own screen, was easily transportable and could connect to a keyboard, mouse and monitor. Imagine a device like this:

- Moderate speed processor - say 1GHz
- 512 MB RAM
- 40 GB HDD
- USB 2.0 and firewire ports
- Bluetooth and Wi-fi (G/B) built-in
- The form factor of an iPod, but a little thicker
- a 4-inch LCD touchscreen
- a headphone jack

This will give me a PDA with large capacity that I can also use to download images from a Digital Camera, store and listen to MP3's and videos. By using bluetooth or wi-fi I could either use it to play back its contents over an Entertainment center - by means of a docking station or dock it to a keyboard monitor and mouse and make myself a PC.

It seems that OQO knows what I am talking about.

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