Friday, May 07, 2004

Megapixels make a Mega Difference

Mikey and Mommy

When I was looking to buy a camera a couple of months ago, I decided that for the buck, I would get the most value out of a 3 Megapixel Camera. But then I got lucky and found a 5 Megapixel DSC-P92 from Sony at a great price. And I much appreciate the greater level of detail in the shots (Even though a 5MP generates a considerably larger file size).

You see (for those of you that don't know) think of a pixel as a single, microscopic dot of color and shape in a picture. It is easy to imagine that an entire picture has millions of them. 1 Million pixels=1 Megapixel. Therefore a 4x6print taken at 5MP has much more detail and is much richer than one taken at 3MP. But that's not to say that a 3MP photo isn't of high-quality, it just means that:

  • You get a much richer image from a 5MP printed on the same size as a 3MP
  • A 5MP picture can be printed in a much larger size with the same level of quality
  • For a smaller print, you can chop, crop, and blow up a 5MP image and get the quality of a 3MP print

I guess the picture at the right proves the level of quality of a 5MP camera.

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